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Click it or ticket road checks back in Albany

May 21, 2003

Albany -- If you do not wear your seat belt on a regular basis, beware. Albany Police have resumed road checks in their Click it or ticket program. 18 officers were working road checks Wednesday morning.

They were making sure drivers were wearing their seat belts, and had proper license and auto insurance. For the next two weeks road checks like this will be a common sight, as they make sure drivers are buckling up.

Albany Safe Communities Coordinator Michelle DeMott said "We don't want people to crash, but if you are in a crash, your chance of injury is cut in half if you use your seat belt."

 Sgt. Leonard Bell of the Albany Police Department said "It's important to wear your safety belt, but it's also the law. We want voluntary compliance, but if we don't get voluntary compliance, we're more than willing to issue that citation." 

 Recent spot checks found that nearly 90 percent of Albany drivers were wearing their seat belts. Wednesday mornings road check found most people buckled up. 

Police cited 8 people for not wearing their seat belts. 4 tickets were written for drivers who did not have their children restrained properly.  9 were cited for no insurance, 9 for tag violations, and 12 for not having their drivers license. 

 2 person were arrested, one for driving with a suspended license, and one who was wanted.

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