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Battling mosquitoes in Dougherty County

May 21, 203

Albany -- Dougherty County environmental control is staying busy because of the recent heavy rains. The fear of Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus has made community mosquito control a life or death matter.

Checking standing water along Oakridge Drive, environmental control workers find one larvae getting ready to hatch. Environmental Control Manager Donell Mathis says "It's not good, but it's not too bad. Since we are picking up just one larvae in three or four feet of standing water."

Donell Mathis' team is spraying and putting larvacide in standing water 5 days a week. They know controlling mosquitoes takes vigilance, especially with almost daily rain. Mathis said "We're just dealing with it. Pretty much knowing where our water stands, and treating the area that has been stagnated with water."

But Mathis says they need everyone's help to keep mosquitoes under control. You have to control standing water around your home and yard. Mathis said "After a rain, do a home inspection, yard inspection. Check your bird bath, turn over buckets, get rid of tires, or areas that hold water and breed mosquitoes, things of that nature. We're asking home owners to help us out with what we've got to do."

Mathis says complaints about mosquitoes are down, and the small number of larvae being found proves their work is paying off.

County workers also ask that when the mosquito spraying truck comes to your neighborhood, you and your children need to go indoors. If too many children are playing near the street, workers will not spray. Go inside for 15 minutes to insure your safety.

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