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Marijuana grow house suspect surrenders

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  30-year-old David Medina from Davie, Florida was renting the home where police found $70,000 worth of marijuana growing. Albany Police stumbled on it when they caught several people they say were trying to break into the home.

Tuesday night a neighbor saw someone trying to break into the house in the 1500 block of West Lincoln Avenue, and called Police.  Officers quickly smelled that more than just a burglary was involved in this case.

70 pot plants they found growing inside the small neat home on West Lincoln.  Neighbors reported people breaking into the house, and APD's Special Detail Unit was soon chasing several suspects.  But Officers smelled more to this investigation from inside the window that was being broken into.

"The odor of broad marijuana was detected and upon peaking into the window they observed several plants and it was immediately determined at that time by Sgt. Greg Elder of the Special Detail Unit that it was a growth house," ADDU Captain Darrin Abner said.

Inside drug agents found what they call a sophisticated operation, with irrigation systems and heat lights set up on timers.  The pot plants ranging from one foot to eight feet tall, filled the house.

Medina turned himself in to drug agents this afternoon, and they say he is cooperating.
"It was clear he knew what he was doing.  The plants of a good quality, and he had a good system running as far as the irrigation system.  The heating source, ventilation source and so forth," Abner said.

Neighbors like Lucinda Wooden were shocked to learn about the grow house right across the street. "He seemed to be nice.  He didn't seem to be on that kind of stuff."

Drug agents say they are still investigating if anyone else is involved in the grow house, and where the marijuana was going from there.  But they say they know this pot will not be sold on the streets, thanks to quick work by Albany Police checking out a burglary.

Medina will be charged with manufacturing marijuana.  He is still being questioned by drug agents. Albany Police officers caught two of the burglary suspects last night. Investigators aren't sure if they knew about the marijuana inside the home.

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