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Tville teen gunned down while walking home


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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –Thomasville police are investigating the shooting death of a teenage boy.

15-year old Christopher Crumbry was shot in the head while walking through his neighborhood late Tuesday night.

Right now, investigators say they have no suspect or motive. Authorities and Crumbry's family are asking for the public's help to catch his killer.

People who knew Christopher Crumbry say he was a quiet, friendly kid.

"He just hung with his little friends and tried to live life," says his father, Christopher Crumbry, Sr. "15 years old. He hadn't even lived his life yet."

Around 11 Tuesday night, Christopher began to head home after playing cards at a friend's house. On his way out, Gwendolyn Stofford asked to borrow his cell phone, a favor she now regrets.

"He said he'd left his cell phone at his daddy's house on the corner. Next thing I know I hear three gun shots," Stofford recalls with tears in her eyes. "And he got killed. "

Someone gunned down the teenager and left him dying just yards away from his father's house.

"When I walked down there and saw that, well, it shocked everyone," says neighbor Willy Londy.

"It hurts," says Stofford. "As young as he is. He's always going to be loved."

At noon Wednesday, Christopher's friends and family gathered to tie black ribbons around the neighborhood in his memory. They began near his house and ended where he was shot.

Chris's father placed three bows at the spot to signify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He says his faith in God is the only thing keeping him going.

"We're trying to stay strong. My mother, his mother. And I'm just trying to be the man. Stay strong and support them. But it's hard. I never dreamed in a million years I'd ever go through something like this."

Now Crumbry is urging people to come forward with information to help catch his son's murderer.

"It's senseless, it just don't make any sense. And a person who can do this can do it again. I worry for all the kids. He didn't have any respect for one life and he won't have it for the next."

Crumbry says justice won't bring his son back, but he hopes it will help him move forward.

If you have any information about this case, call the Thomasville Police Crime Stoppers line at (229) 225-3305. You can remain anonymous.

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