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Nation's heightened alert to affect Atlanta airport

May 21, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- Notices that the nation is on heightened alert are up around Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport today. So far, no cars are being searched as they enter the airport but that may change.

But travelers may have to walk a little farther. The 1,200 parking spaces closest to the North Terminal have been barricaded while the nation is at Code Orange alert.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Georgia Homeland Security says law enforcement authorities around the state are being asked to be alert as they go about their daily routines. Spokesman Jim Shuler says agencies including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, sheriff's departments and police departments are asked to be on a heightened state of awareness. There's special concern as the nation approaches the Memorial Day weekend.

The terror alert level was raised to orange or "high" yesterday. A White House spokesman says the decision came after a review of U.S. intelligence. Officials say al-Qaida may have entered an operational phase worldwide and the U.S. may be targeted soon.

This is the fourth time the alert has been raised to "high" since the system began after the September eleventh attacks.

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