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Life as a doctor in rural Georgia isn't that bad

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By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –  Bringing doctors to Southwest Georgia continues to be a hard sell for local hospitals. But statistics show that Doctors often open shop where they went to school.

That's exactly what happened to one doctor. Dr. Ndubisi Nduwke just graduated and has only been a doctor for a couple of months.

And the simple country life is exactly what his family was looking for Meet Dr. ND. "They call me 'Dr. ND' for short," said Primary Care Physician Dr. Nduwke.

He's wanted to be a Doctor ever since he was a little boy."I've always wanted to be a physician as far as I was 8 yrs old and It's a privilege to become one," said  

His battle with asthma made him realize the importance of good medical care. "Visiting various doctors and they tried to get me stabilized. Now I'm fine and was able to get the care I needed," said Dr. ND.

He wanted to become a doctor to make a difference. Also he didn't just want to go where he was wanted. He thought it would be a better idea to where he's needed.

"You wanna be some where your needed versus somewhere where your just wanted," said Dr. ND. And not just that. He found that people in the south really show southern hospitality.

"Personal characteristics of hospitality, I believe that kind of was something that we wanted." But some of his fellow colleagues don't look at rural Georgia the same way.

"Some physicians may think they won't get compensated in a small area." But there are programs out there that help new doctors make ends meet.

One tool local hospitals used is loan repayments. "There are programs out there with regards to loans repayment. And that is a good option to consider," said Dr. ND.

So if you're a Doctor and your interested in a place where the people are friendly and a safe environment then South Georgia's an excellent place to start a practice.

Now, the big factors where doctor's end up has to do with loan repayment. And if they don't have money to pay their own loans, Experts say they tend to go where the money is. 

And Doctor ND's wife has just entered the residency program at Phoebe Putney.

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