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Meth lab explodes

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Cairo, GA (WALB) – A south Georgia meth lab exploded and sent at least two people to the hospital. It happened Sunday at a small trailer park in Cairo. One person is in jail, and investigators expect to arrest more suspects.

Around 2:30 Sunday morning, people in the Cairo neighborhood off Old Egg Road got a rude awakening.

"Explosions started going off," said Andy Carter. "I just went into panic mode. I was steady going oh my God, oh my God cause I knew people where in there."

A meth lab caused this trailer to explode. An explosion so powerful, it blew out the walls and threw the front door nearly twenty feet away. Andy Carter was the first person to reach the trailer after the explosion. He began searching for anyone who needed help.

"I could hear something whining real loud, almost screaming pitch and I could tell it wasn't human but whatever it was it was hollering. And I just felt my heart sink," said Carter.

The sounds Carter heard were the cries of two dogs trapped in a bedroom at the end of the trailer. Sadly, both died in the fire.

At least two people, including a 16-year-old girl, were taken to hospitals for third degree burns. Alana Gomez manages the trailer park and says she and her husband try to prevent accidents like this by keeping an eye out for any illegal activity.

"We shouldn't have to because it feels like you're babysitting adults.But we had our suspicions that there was a lot of suspicious activity happening there. We just as a matter of fact had to remove some other tenants for suspicious activity," said park manager Alana Gomez.

Now the neighborhood is trying to get back to their lives.  "We're trying to cope. It unnerves you, something this dangerous. It's the devil's drug."

"I'm still upset, I really am. My adrenaline is up and I can't sleep, just got my nerves tore up and everything," said Carter.

They say it's hard to believe this could happen in their own backyard. Authorities charged a female tenant, Sheila Williams, with manufacturing meth.

She's the only person charged in the case, but that likely will change soon.

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