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Moody prepares for hurricane season

May 20, 2003

Lowndes County- Hurricane season could bring bad news to Moody Air Force Base. "We've got millions of dollars in supplies and could be devastated monetarily," said Lt. Col. George Sciss. "It could also be detrimental to our mission."

But the base is prepared to prevent that from happening. "We're continually reviewing our procedures, especially this week, and are more than prepared to keep everyone and everything safe."

One of the key components in the hurricane drill is protecting aircraft. If a severe storm is near, the aircraft are immediately up in the air, on their way to another base. "We're constantly on the phone with them, tracking the storm, and making sure another base has room for our aircraft and isn't in the path of the storm."

Each of Moody's HH-60 Pavehawk helicopters is worth about $20 million. Losing one of these aircraft would be a huge monetary loss, as well as a big blow to U.S. defense.

"These planes are priceless," said Stesser. "Our performance in Iraq speaks for itself, and we can't do that performance without these aircraft."

The aircraft that may have maintenance problems and can't be flown out would be secured in hangers.

The base also has plans in place to evacuate and protect its most important resource, its personnel and their dependents.

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