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Kids on the move

Our children are some of the largest in the country. And 37 percent of Georgia kids between the age of 10 and 17 are obese or overweight.

The annual Kids on the move 5k run is trying to lower those numbers. Some of the kids I talked to really enjoyed working out and spending time with the marines.

And a lot of different organizations came together to make that happen. Youth becoming healthy, the health department, and Phoebe Putney Hospital are just some of the sponsors that made the event a big success.

The 5k walk run is sort of a kick start for a healthy school year. "I learned that running is good for your body and it strengthen your leg muscle," said 7th Grader Gekina Thomas.  

But it's not just about exercising."So we're out here trying to get these kids to exercise and be Healthy. It just one component of a healthy lifestyle," said Event Planner Eddie McBride.

And 30 marines came out to support the kids and there efforts. "We're here supporting by just showing the kids that health and fitness is important," said  Sarg. Adrian Johnson

This one day is not going to do much to fix the obesity problem, but it's a start."We know we can't change it just by doing this one event it's just one piece of the puzzle," said McBride. "I think they like it running around the track kids telling us stories and talking to the marines," said Johnson.

And they're already planning to use what they learned here. "When I'm at home I pretty much get my brothers out there with me. We exercise and do laps round the house. We pretty much play basketball everyday," said Thomas. 

By starting early they hope to give kids a chance at healthier lives."We're hoping sometime by getting message out to kids, It might rub off on the parents if that's not happening at the house," said McBride. 

"Because keeping yourself healthy. It can't cause Cancer or any thing like that," said Thomas.  And with that, we can't say mission accomplished, but how about mission in progress.

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