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School's out for summer!

May 20, 2003

Albany-- After months of tests, book reports, and homework, school is finally giving way to summer vacation. The last day of school is an exciting time for students and teachers, with everyone looking forward to time off.

And that was certainly the case Tuesday morning at Saint Teresa's Catholic School in Albany. When the bell rang, the students were out the door.

School Secretary Diane Jordan waves good-bye to the students, "Bye-bye sweetie, bye darling, you have a good summer! We will see you in the fall, bye-bye!"

Jordan agrees there is "Lots going on, packing up, ready to go, ready for summer!"

"Adios, Mrs. Hatcher!"

"Bye, adios. Hasta luego!" Sixth Grader Brandon Bracy plans to keep busy but stay cool this summer, "I'm not going to be all lazy just sitting in the house everyday I'm going to outside, but I can't be dehydrated."

Spanish teacher Cris Hatcher says, "It was great, the best year I have ever had!"

Teacher Nancy Zierenberg is excited about the last day of school, but she is already preparing the up-coming fourth graders for next year, "I let the kids, my fourth graders this year, walk the third graders through what they have to look forward too and what to expect."

Ivy Johnson shows her mom, Linda, her report card. She has passed the fifth grade-- and she is looking forward to the new privileges that come with being a sixth grader, "You get all sorts of classes, you wear different uniforms, and it's very exciting and you get to go to dances!"

But, first, these hard working students and teachers get to enjoy a few months off before beginning a new year. School is still in session for several counties, but many will be out by the end of the week.

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