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Sherrod meets with Spooners after 24 years

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Friday Shirley Sherrod came face to face with the Iron City farm family who came to her defense when she was called a racist and was fired for sharing their story.

Sherrod traveled to Miller County for a reunion with the Spooners 24 years after she helped save their farm. Friday she thanked them for speaking out in her defense and they hope people will learn a lesson from the incident. While their story ignited a fire storm nationwide, it was a quiet meeting between old friends with hugs and pats on the back when Shirley Sherrod met Roger and Eloise Spooner today.

"She saved our farm, we knew nobody to go to and you helped us," said Roger Spooner.

They talked about their last meeting more than 20 years ago.

"This is so, so great, you know I got really close to them, I told the story the one time about when we stopped to eat in the restaurant. You took some of your tobacco and got a chew and you offer to me, do you want one," said Shirley Sherrod.

That's how close they were, so when Shirley got fired and was being labeled a racist it was the Spooners turn to repay the favor and come to her aid.

"It's the individuals, they have to account for yourselves, how you act, you have to answer for it," said Spooner.

They say the apologies from the President down aren't enough to make up for what their friend and hero's been through.

"You're hurt for life, you're hurt for life, ain't no doubt about it I don't care where she goes," said Spooner.

No matter where Shirley goes she plans to keep telling the story that's bound these two families for life.

"I was in a place in my thinking before I met them and how working with them I moved to another way of thinking the right way of thinking. It's not about race," said Shirley Sherrod.

Both say it's about doing what's right.  The two joked afterward, Shirley said now that's she's unemployed she might have a little bit of time to do a little fishing a favorite hobby.

The Spooners pointed out they have a little lake nearby, called Lake Seminole, that's great for fishing and invited her back. Sherrod says she'd like the Spooners to meet her mother and her husband Reverend Charles Sherrod. They're not sure when that meeting will take place.

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