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Commission studies the "Georgia Pecan"

May 19, 2003

Cordele- Pecan orchards like this are commonplace around the state, in fact, Dougherty, Mitchell, and Lee counties have the highest concentration of pecan trees in the nation.

"If it would work certainly it would be beneficial to the Georgia growers," says Buddy Leger. Buddy Leger is the president of the Georgia Pecan Commission.

Though he says he likes the idea of a Georgia Pecan it's too early to know if it would work.

"What would be in the bag would have to be a superior brand for it to be labeled Georgia brand," he explains.

But producing a premium pecan isn't the only hurdle, shellers who often buy nuts from several states would have to agree to separate every Georgia pecan from the others. A task Leger isn't certain all shellers will agree to take on.

"And see all that has to be taken into consideration when we do this feasibility study because you gotta have everybody on board. If you don't have everybody on board well then certainly it's not going to work period," adds Leger.

Still Leger says he like other growers would be proud to have a high-quality brand attached to his pecans.

Leger says Georgia growers would be able to charge more for their nuts because the brand would require the pecans to be the best quality.

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