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Red Carpet Tour prospects look promising

May 19, 2003

Albany -- Albany's hosting of the Red Carpet tour last month could pay big economic dividends. Eight industries have continued discussions with the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission.

Officials from two of those businesses returned to Albany last week for a second look. Leaders of 30 businesses and industries received a huge community welcome to Dougherty County during the Red Carpet tour. Hundreds of volunteers helped with the selling of Albany, and that made a big impact.

E.D.C. Vice Chair Patsy Martin said "Having a hundred people ,who don't live here on a daily basis, who are centers of influence, sharing that story around the country simply will be of monumental benefit to us."

E.D.C. Chairman Mark Davis said "The opportunities that we have in bio-tech, high tech, in distribution. You will continue to see us grow in those areas."

In their 2003 recruitment, the E.D.C. plans to continue the Red Carpet tour sales pitch idea. Four overnight dinner stays are planned. They'll invite state and national business leaders and economic developers to visit Albany.

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