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Scheer murder trial winds down

May 19, 2003

Macon-- Closing arguments concluded about 6:00 Monday afternoon in the murder trial of an Albany teacher.

Attorneys questioned the final few witnesses Monday morning in Bill Scheer's trial. 

Making the final plea for a conviction, Dougherty County Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards slammed a golf club on a table, imploring jurors to think about the sound it made, and reminding them that William Scheer was struck not once, but twice with a putter, killing him in 1990. Edwards told the jury that they had a responsibility to "Speak for" the dead man.

Defense Attorney Pete Donaldson told the jury that he had practiced law for three decades "To make sure that no one is convicted on this sort of sketchy, misplaced evidence." He said that there was no motive, financial, or emotional, for his client to kill his father, and reminded them that he did not profit from his father's death, saying the evidence only supports a "verdict of not guilty."

The next step is to charge the jury, which should take about an hour, and that will be done by the judge Tuesday morning.

Bill Scheer is charged with murdering his father william in 1990. The trial began last Monday in Macon. It was moved because of pre-trial publicity in Albany.

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