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Vandals strike auto row

May 19, 2003

Albany -- Vandals do thousands of dollars worth of damage and steal two cars from several East Albany car dealerships early Monday morning. Carl Gregory Chrysler Dodge was hit the worst.

26 cars vandalized. Some were customers' cars being serviced, some were dealership vehicles. Windows were smashed, and radios and C.D. players were ripped out of the dashes. A cement block was used to break into many of the cars. A Jeep Grand Cherokee was stolen.

 Carl Gregory warranty administrator Patti Watson said "They're just saying a group of kids or vandals, because several businesses were hit this morning, or last night."

Next door at Hentschel Motors two convertible tops were slashed. Albany Honda had one car stolen, but it was recovered a short time later. All the car dealerships have overnight security.

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