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High school is over and college is just beginning

May 17, 2003

Albany- Larry Alexander, Roderick Smith, and Thaddeus Jackson just graduated from Monroe High School on Saturday, and they aren't taking a break. They are starting a few months early as freshman at Albany State University in the Armed for success program.

Roderick Smith says, "I feel that this will make the transition from high school to college easier because this will be taking college classes, but it will be more of a relaxed atmosphere."

Thaddeus Jackson says, "Most students when they graduate from high school they want a break and when you start college, you become very lazy, but when you hit the ground running and you become used to college life."

Unpacking luggage and making up their beds are helping these guys realize high school is actually over. Larry Alexander says, "Yesterday it seemed like a dream, but this morning when my mom woke me up and we had to do all of the packing, it really seemed real then."

Roderick, Larry and Thaddeus are just three out of 80 students who say they will benefit from exercising their minds over the summer by taking math, science and leadership courses. By the end of the summer, they will have six hours of college credit.

Dr. Teresa Merriweather Orok says, "We hope that they have strengthened their academic preparation and embark upon a journey to become very successful in workplace or graduate school."

As the day culminated, students said goodbye to parents and met new friends over lunch, knowing on Monday morning they will begin their college experience. Larry Alexander says, "If it's armed for success I feel they will give you all the tools you need and when you go out into the real world you are armed and ready for success."

Six weeks of intensity equals six weeks of valuable preparation for these future leaders and scholars. All of the students in the Armed for Success program will receive a one thousand dollar stipend.

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