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Archery team hits the target

May 17, 2003

Mitchell County- A stare of concentration, a stretch of endurance. These are just a few momentous close ups of members of the Mitchell County 4-H Archery Team. 4-H Program Assistant, Debra Cox, says, "We average two practices a week. We had to fight bad weather this year because of the tornado this year and we were really excited about going to the state competition this year."

Hitting the target isn't easy, but with hard work and long hours of practice, members of the archery team say their techniques are getting much better. Champion, Chase Hambree says, "You've got to practice, practice, practice. '

Chase Hembree won second place in the junior individuals, and second place in 3-D shooting at the 4-H state competition. He adds, "I was nervous until I did my practice, round, I hit the 10 ring every time, so I was excited."

Team member, Tyler Foister, says the spirit of comradery and support on the team is very encouraging. Foister says, "They just tell me to keep working at and I like it."

Coach Pat Etheridge says several practice rounds shows the team's improvement. He adds, "When we first started, not many of them were hitting the target at all."

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