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Scheer trial ends first week with emotion

May 16, 2003

Macon--  Murder defendant Bill Scheer's son and daughter testified that their father and grandfather were close, and had a good relationship.

Their father is charged with killing their grandfather when they were just children.

Molly Scheer was 11 years old when her grandfather was murdered. "He made us breakfast every morning," she told the court.

Now at 24, she recalled the day of his murder, and how her father broke the news to her and her brother. "He sat down and put both of us on his knee, told us what had happened," said Molly Scheer, through tears on the stand.

As Molly Scheer wept, her father, Bill, also wiped away tears.

Her brother Billy was nine when the murder took place. "He grabed me and my sister, and put each of us on one knee, and told us that soebody had killed our grandfather."

Both describe their usually stoic father as being upset the day his father was beaten to death in thier home.

Friday was spent establishing alibis for Bill Scheer, and the jury heard from a former Monroe High teacher and assistant principal who both testified that they saw Bill Scheer at school the morning of Spetember 13, 1990.

There wear alaso some lighter moments in the trial, when Scheer's golf buddy Howard Couch took the stand. "You think you know someone pretty well, and they do something that confounds you," said D. A. Ken Hodges to Couch.

"Well, I knew your daddy," replied Couch. "He surprised me-- turned out to be a lawyer."

That produced laughter in an otherwise tense courtroom, in whch Bill Scheer's freedom is on the line.

The judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and everyone else from Dougherty County involved in the trial get to come home for the weekend.

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