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Moody's 824th returns home

May 16, 2003

Lowndes County - It seems like six-year-old Kaitlyn Monk's Dad has been gone forever. "He's been gone 173 days," said Kaitlyn.

It's been a tough six months, but Dad is finally home. "It's so good to be back and with my family after such a long time," said Monk.

The 824th Security Forces squadron was scheduled to come home Monday, then Tuesday. But aircraft maintenance problems delayed their flight day by day. "There was a problem with the C-5 and the wrong part kept coming in, but that happens," said Major Craig Allton.

That wasn't easy for those back at home. "We went shopping to cope," said Aimee Monk. "And I didn't tell the kids until yesterday because I know these kinds of things happen." But a long week of rest, relaxation, and time with the family will make up for the time apart.

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