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Study aims to improve bike lanes and sidewalks

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) – You can give your input on how to make the Albany area more pedestrian and bike friendly.

People conducting a study on that issue heard from people who say more trails and sidewalks are needed.

"Some (drivers) could be a little more respectful of bicyclists' rights," said Thomas Talley, Pecan City Peddlers. "Once we're on the country roads we're okay but our problem is negotiating out of the city limits."

The Dougherty Area Regional Transportation Study wants to hear from cyclists and others about how to make riding and running better.

"Maybe we could improve on striping of the roads, it will include recommending sidewalk development," said David Hamilton, DARTS Transportation Mgr. & Project Manager.

"There is no really designated bike trail other than the river trail," said Billie Medders, Bicyclist.

She gave her input on the study.

"I think it would be great to have a designated lane for bikers so we don't have to compete with the traffic in Albany," said Medders. Most riders have their own horror stories. "I've been ran off the road several times."

She has since changed her routine.

"I feel safer in Worth County because of the country roads, but I'd love to ride here because it's closer to home," said Medders.

"We've had stuff thrown at us, had a few expletives thrown our way also," said Jim Laue, Cycle World, Owner.

Laue has been to information sessions like this in the past.

"It'll be nice to have a little more access to the road, we hate to block people and they hate to be blocked," said Laue.

This study incorporates Dougherty County and the Southern portion of Lee County.

"Whenever a road is widened it would be nice if it had a shoulder wide enough for us to ride on," said Medders.

Others say the few bike lanes already in the area need to be maintained because glass and other debris end up there.

"There is glass and some end up walking or spending 20 minutes fixing a flat in 100 degree weather," said Laue.

The information collected will help establish goals to provide safer and more efficient transportation for bicyclists and pedestrians.

After the study, a plan will be submitted to the D.O.T seeking federal money for the projects.

More meetings are scheduled to get input.

Click here to find out how to give your opinion.

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