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Head of the Class

May 16, 2003

Clinch County - Brandon Tolle isn't your typical 17-year-old. He'll graduate from high school next Saturday with two tassels on his cap. One will be from Lanier High School and one from Middle Georgia College. "I actually graduated from college with an associate degree two weeks before I'll graduate high school," said Tolle.

Brandon enrolled in Middle Georgia's Academy of Math and Engineering Sciences the summer after his sophomore year in high school. "It's a program they have at the college where you can actually finish up your last year or in my case, two years of high school, while taking a full load of college classes," said Tolle.

Now at the young age of 17, he has a college degree and a long list of academic honors. "I'm a national merit finalist, honor graduate from both high school and college, and the Star Student in my class," said Tolle.

His academic history is anything but average, but Brandon insists he's just a normal teen. "I went to see the Matrix II last night, and do everything that other teenagers do, but when I go to take a test-- its filled with all the right answers," chuckled Tolle.

What's in his future? Right now, he's doing an engineering internship with Lee Containers in Homerville. But dissecting computers is just a hobby. He'll pursue a degree in aerospace engineering this fall at the University of Florida. "I've got a four-year, $78,000 academic scholarship," said Tolle.

After that, probably a masters in aerospace engineering and maybe international business. And somewhere in there, he plans to attend seminary school.

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