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2 people arrested & 165 pot plants seized in Thomas Co.


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMAS COUNTY, GA (WALB) –Drug agents seized more than one-hundred and fifty marijuana plants in Thomas County.

The plants have a street value of up to two-hundred thousand dollars. Two people are now behind bars, but this particular bust might not be over just yet.

One hundred and sixty-five marijuana plants seized in one day. It's a
feat that surprises even seasoned drug agents.

"I've worked drugs since 1996 and I can count on one hand how many
times we've got this many on one. It is very rare," explains Special Agent Kevin Lee with the Thomasville/Thomas Co. narcotics division.

When Thomas County authorities received information about a possible
marijuana crop growing in Meigs, they found it behind 18-year old
Shannon Humphries's house. The next step? An overnight surveillance to
catch their suspect in the act.

"It's not fun," says Lee. "It's hot. Of course we have equipment to keep bugs and
snakes off of us, but it's still miserable and hot."

Working surveillance can also be dangerous.

"You have to worry about people having guns. Cause sometimes they
carry shotguns and rifles for snakes. You never know when faced with
us if they'll use that weapon."

Authorities staked out the area from Tuesday night all the
way into Wednesday morning. Their vigilance finally paid off when
around 9 A-M, Humphries came by to check on his crop.

Drug agents also arrested 74-year old Fred Rackley who had driven
Humphries to the crop. They found pot growing supplies in his car.
Later that day, authorities found three other plots in Mitchell and
Thomas County, like this one hidden by a wooden fence just yards away
from Hwy 19. But drug agents say their search isn't over yet and are
preparing for another long and dangerous night in the woods.

"You just hope the good Lord is looking out for you as you're walking through there."

And criminals better hope these drug agents aren't hiding in their woods.

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