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Lake Park restaurant wants Sunday alcohol sales

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LAKE PARK, GA (WALB) –A Lake Park restaurant wants to sell alcohol on Sunday.

The owners say the profit from Sunday alcohol sales would help them pay the bills, but some Lake Park residents disagree and say Sunday sales would do little to help the Lake Park economy and restaurants.

The owners of the Da Rajun Cajun, a restaurant and bar in Lake Park, want to sell alcohol seven days a week.

"I want to fight it til the end and I will," said Melanie Hiers.

Tuesday night the Lake Park City Council members listened to concerns from community members on the issue. Hiers has been pushing for Sunday sales for a year now.

"I really think we're going to stand a fair chance with it, going to the poll and the people voting," said Hiers.

A referendum could be placed on the November ballot. The Lake Park Mayor says it would read something like "Do you support alcohol sales on Sundays?"

"If it's not broke don't fix it," said Betsy Webb, a Lake Park Resident.

Webb says she'd vote no.

"Passing a bill for Sunday is not going to do anything to help curfew drunk drivers, curfew anything as far as drinking's concerned," said Webb.

"We try to monitor what goes across this bar," said Hiers. "How many drinks they've had and we do cut them off and we do offer rides home."

Hiers says an extra four days a month will make a big difference bringing in potentially thousands of dollars to the Lake Park community and also for the restaurant.

"We are in a christian belt," said Webb. "Alcohol sales aren't going to help."

The restaurant owners estimate having Sunday sales will bring in $80,000 extra a year to the business.

"I'm very familiar with the restaurant and they do quite a bit of business and it looks like the business is a lucrative business and I don't think Sunday sales would help them at all."

On August 3rd, the city council will vote on whether to put a referendum on the ballot.

Right now, the Da Cajun Rajun is not open on Sundays since alcohol can't be sold.

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