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Car dealer 'plugs in' to stop thieves

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Albany car lot owners have struggled to keep their inventory safe, now one lot has resorted to an electric fence to protect their property from thieves. Thieves might get quite a shock at Landmark Auto Sales on Oglethorpe Boulevard.

Bright yellow signs bear the warning, armed electric fence, 7,000 volts in both English and Spanish. The lot was formerly owned by Moree Motors who decided to move because of the crime in the area.

"We were getting broken into, I mean two, three times a week radios, tires, little small stuff that all added up, and it just didn't seem to be put on the priority list. In my opinion, it didn't seem like we were put on the priority list to make it stop," said Moree Motors Owner Alan Dismuke.

Dismuke has used a guard dog in the past to deter thieves, but stopped after the dog bit someone.

Landmark also has infrared cameras watching the property.

Dismuke says he'd like to see more tax dollars spent on public safety and a priority given to protecting car lots since they generate a lot of sale tax revenue.

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