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Albany mom and son make national debut

May 15, 2003

Albany- Shenna Williams and her 10-month old son, Michael Jerrod Moffitt, Jr. have been local celebrities since last June. But things changed when a national talk show contacted them.

Shenna says, "They sent a letter in the mail to my mom and she brought it to my job and she showed it to me. I was hollering and screaming I was so happy."

During a late-night shopping trip to Wal-Mart last June, the unexpected happened. Shenna gave birth to Michael on the floor of the store. In April, Shena, her mom and Michael flew to New York to appear on the Montell Williams Show about unusual deliveries.

Shenna says, "We stayed at the Belvedere Inn, and we had limo rides and taxi rides. I had never been in a taxi." Shena says all of the first class treatment they received in the Big Apple made Michael a little star struck.

She adds, "He looked like he was shocked. He had little tears, and everybody was clapping and then Montell grabbed him, and he started reaching for me." Appearing on Montell was a once in a life time opportunity according to Shenna, and she says it's all because of her son.

She says, "He's my first child and I love him." Now, a Montell T-Shirt and autographed picture will always remind them of their talk show debut. When the show airs, their family, including their dog, Buddy, will be watching.

Shenna's story was featured in the March and April issues of People Magazine. You can watch Shena's story Friday on the Montell Williams Show. The show begins at three.

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