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Witness puts Scheer near scene of father's murder

may 15, 2003

Macon-- Bill Scheer is on trial for the 1990 beating death of his elderly father. And he must decide soon if he'll take the stand in his own defense.

There was tearful testimony from Bill Scheer's stepdaughter, who was 17 when her grandfather was beaten to death. "I just don't remember," she said.

"You're not 100% sure about anything from that day, are you," asked defense attorney Pete Donaldson.

"No I'm not," said Caroline Sell.

Then came perhaps the most compelling, if not fact-based testimony of the trial so far. GBI crime scene analyst Ralph Stone examined the evidence at the request of the D.A., and told jurors his theories about the William Scheer murder.

"I found that Mr. Scheer was a very low risk victimand was murdered in a very low risk setting. An 83-year-old widower, who lived with his son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren, in a very low crime area."

But Stone admitted he compiled his report without all the facts, including information about the closeness of the two Scheer men.

Then came the two witnesses that the state hopes will deliver the crucial blows. Former Monroe High Assistant Principal Kathy Landsden, who testified that she saw Scheer leave campus the day of the murder. "I saw Mr. Scheer leave in a car."

The defense does not deny that Scheer left the school that day, but only to get cigarettes.

Scheer's neighbor, Celeste Kelly said she saw Bill Scheer leave his home on Pheasant Drive shortly after the murder. "I almost ran into Mr. Scheer as I was coming out of my driveway," she said.

Under cross examination, the defense got Celeste Kelly to admit that it might not have been the day of the murder that she almsot ran into Scheer.

After all, it has been 13 years since the incident.

All Pete Donaldson has to do is get the jury to have some reasonable doubt, and even D.A. Ken Hodges admitted that he may have done so. The defense will present it's case tomorrow. Closing arguments will probably be Monday.

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