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Stealing cable? You're going to get caught

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ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – Cable theft is a crime and now Mediacom is going after thieves. A recent audit of 5,000 customers showed 1,000 of them weren't paying for their cable.

And they have a warning this morning for cable thieves. Theft of service has grown so much that Media com has a specific department that handles illegal hookups.

During the audit they make sure people that should be disconnected are not connected to the cable. Also there's no prosecution if you're found using illegal cable on the first offense.

"Cable theft affects just about every one it affects media com in lost revenue, the damaged equipment and our customers," said Mediacom Security Manager Mike Donaldson. 

And people come up with all types of excuses when they're found with unauthorized service.  "I didn't know it was on and it was on when I moved in," said Donaldson. 

Picture it, you're stealing cable and you come home from work. You try to turn on the TV and it won't work, because you're cable has been disconnected. "We conduct audit, find illegal hookup, photograph it and we attempt to make contact with the resident," said Donaldson.

But the second time they come out things will be a little different. "We do a re-audit and find it hooked up we do basically the same thing but then we contact the police," said Donaldson.

But you can avoid that by just simply paying for cable. "We have approximately 20 to 30 pending cases," said Donaldson.

If found guilty you will be charged with theft of service. And the charges will be filed against whoever's name is on the deed or lease. 

You won't be prosecuted the first time you're caught, but if you're caught again and convicted, you could get a $500 fine or a year in prison. 

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