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Don't buy too much cold remedy

May 15, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- Governor Perdue will sign a bill today making it illegal to own some cold remedies in large quantities. The bill is aimed at methamphetamine labs, which the GBI says are a growing problem.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it's hard to crack down on meth labs because the ingredients used to make the highly addictive stimulant are legal.

Fertilizers and many common over-the-counter drugs are used in its production. Georgians will no longer be allowed to have more than 300 doses of drugs that contain ephedrine, such as Sudafed.

It will also be a felony for most people to own anhydrous ammonia, a highly flammable fertilizer used in meth production.

Farmers and others who use the fertilizer legitimately are exempt. Perdue will sign the bill later today.

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