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Tree snaps, damages home

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

SMITHVILLE, GA (WALB) -A tree fell onto a house in Smithville after strong winds ripped through the area Sunday night. No one was inside, but the house sustained major damage.

WALB News Ten's Tayleigh Davis was there while crews started to remove the tree.

As crews attempt to remove part of the tree that fell onto Carrie Thomas' home, her family is just glad she wasn't inside.

"I had never seen something like this in my life but when I saw it, I told them they were lucky," said her first cousin, Ruby Hawkins.

Carrie Thomas came home Sunday night to see the tree on her roof tangled in a mess of power lines.

"She's lucky, it could have exploded or caught the house on fire," Hawkins noted.

These are just pieces of the tree. Big chunks of wood and bark. You can see where part of the branch disconnected from the tree trunk. If you look over here you can see where the branch went through the roof and damaged part of the siding leaving holes inside the home for water to get inside.

Insulation sags leaving a mess in her son's old bedroom, her bathroom and rain drips through the light fixture. Part of this same tree snapped and went through her roof just last July.

"We've been looking to get it removed after it fell through the first time but it's so expensive. She's been waiting to get the money to remove it," said her daughter, Crystal Dismuke.

As workers remove the large limb, the family hopes to remove the whole tree to prevent a bigger disaster. The homeowner is living with family in Americas  until she can get her roof repaired and power restored to the home.

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