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African leaders visit South Georgia

May 14, 2003

[[CG=5001-Blakely;]] [CG=5000-Jim Carver/Progressive AgCo;] [CG=5000-Dr. Mukhisa Kituyl/Kenya;] [CG=5006-Jocelyn Maner/]

Blakely- These East African leaders made their first trip to South Georgia hoping to find ways of improving agriculture in their countries.  Kenyan minister, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyl says, -"When we come to a community like this, it reminds us of home. This is good for us to see.  This is a community of people who are best in agriculture struggling to find opportunity in a market economy." 

 Progressive AgCo, has created a twenty-five million dollar proposal that would increase trade between South Georgia and East Africa.  Kituyl says, "These ministers represent over 80 million people in an emerging market and their number one concern is food production. "

Carver says the company's plan is to create a reconditioning plant in Early County.   He adds, "I think we can employ about thirty workers and start an international export business of ag equipment we are no longer using."

Not only did the leaders get a chance to see a crop duster in action, but they also took several tours. First, they learned about agricultural aviation equipment, and they also visited a cotton gin.  Kituyl says, "We're just trying to diversify and industrialize.  It's helpful to see how it has been done in Georgia. "

Agriculture in South Georgia will serve as a prototype for the African countries these leaders represent.  The leaders say they hope to increase trade and productivity while forming a lasting relationship at the same time.

The African Representatives came from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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