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Donating plasma can pay nicely

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –A tough economy makes life challenging for us all. Many people now go to extra lengths to make enough money to live on.

That's why there's a steady line at the Talecris Plasma Resource center where people get paid to donate plasma. Talecris has been around since 1989.

They've gotten so busy their planning to expand by 2011. They're doing things like buying more beds, hiring more staff and going to a possible appointment schedule. 

"Because it's nice early in the morning and we have decent conversation and we enjoy each others company," said Donor Patricia Jackson. More people being out of work could be a reason for longer lines.

"Over the past year with the economy being the way it is, we have seen the business get a lot busier," said Center Manager Marcy McMullen. "I love the place and with the economy you know, I don't know what a lot of them would do without this place," said Jackson.

One man we spoke with did not want to be on camera. But he agrees the economy is the reason a lot of people are here."I think more people is coming because of the economy,  Because right now every dime counts," said Unknown man.

And those dimes add up pretty quick. If you're a new donor you get $35 for the first visit and $45 for a second. "So if you don't have any money or don't have but a few dollars from paying bills you can come up here and get a few extra dollars," said Unknown man. 

Even though they're in the business of saving lives. There are a lot of misconceptions about Talecris."Some of them use it for drugs it just depends on the situation there in," said Unknown man. 

"A lot of people think that. They think we acclimate people who are on drugs and sell drugs but that's not the case," said McMullen. 

But the more people that come in to donate the more lives that will be saved. "We have seen an increase in our patients from last year which is good for us. Because the more donations we get the more medicine is made," said McMullen.

So donating plasma will put money in your pocket and save lives at the same time. Almost 500 different types of protein have been found in human blood plasma.

And those antibodies are used to treat life threatening conditions. Be aware you can only donate twice in one week. And you must wait 48 hours after your first visit.

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