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Jury hears Scheer interview

May 14, 2003

Macon-- Jurors in the murder trial of an Albany teacher saw the crime scene.

The courtroom was silent as jurors got a look at videotape of the scene of the murder. As the photographer showed William Scheer sitting dead in his rocking chair, his son, Bill Scheer, dabbed away tears.

Former APD detective Ray Folsom testified that he thought the crime scene was staged. "The house just didn't look like a burglary, where someone was coming in looking for valuables. They don't care about your property. They just destroy it."

Folsom questioned Bill Scheer the day after the murder in 1990. The interview was recorded and jurors head bill Scheer’s voice for the first time.

"Every night we had cocktail hour down in the kitchen, and he and I would sit together and talk over the day. Every body got along well with my dad, he was a kind, generous person," Scheer said.

Prosecutors say Scheer killed his father for money. A state witness testified about the Scheer’s finances.

Under cross-examination, John Johnson conceded that Bill Scheer had only used $200 more than he would have had access to were his father still alive. "Until 2002, the trust owed him more money that he had taken," said defense attorney Pete Donaldson.

"I would have to say you're right," replied Johnson.

"You’ve had access to William T. Scheer’s personal account, right?" asked Donaldson.

"No sir," said Johnson.


"You’re doing a financial analysis on Williams T. Scheer..."

"No, I said I was doing an analysis on the trust," said Johnson.

"You had access to the accounts."

"I could have gotten them sir, but I just started in February of this year, and I just didn't have the time to go after his bank accounts," said Johnson.

So no evidence was presented that Scheer got more money because of his father's death, so they could be hoping that because he looked guilty, the jury will say he is guilty.

This is an old case, and age has been a factor in this trial. Several pieces of documentary evidence have been lost over the years, and that complicates the state's case.

Tomorrow more witnesses and perhaps the prosecution's strongest piece of evidence-- a neighbor who saw bill Scheer at his home around the time of the murder.

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