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The 377th Quartermaster's Homecoming

May 14, 2003

Tifton - After two months on active duty, a South Georgia Army Reserve Unit comes home to cheering family and friends. Tifton held a Welcome Home Celebration for the 377th Quartermaster Unit on Wednesday. The unit left for Fort Stewart in March with well-wishers lining the streets of Tifton to bid farewell. And, many came out to welcome them back.

The unit trained at Fort Stewart while they waited to be called to the Middle East. "It keep us on our toes. We never knew when we would be called to serve overseas," said Staff Sergeant Walter Green.

Luckily, Green and his comrades never saw the deserts of Iraq. But, Brigadier General Larry Knightner says their duty to the country was no less important than those on the front line. "Just because you never saw fighting doesn't mean your job for this country wasn't important," said Brig. Gen. Knightner. "You are the reason we, and now the Iraqis, can enjoy freedom."

"It's people like my family and those here today that I serve for. And, I would do it again," said Green.

Now, a new mission begins for the 377th. They must go back to their civilian lives, their jobs, and their families. It's a mission they're happy to undertake. But, they'll continue to stand ready in case American needs them again.

The 377th Quartermaster Unit's primary mission is to receive, store, and transfer petroleum for military operations.

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