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Children, elderly most susceptible to extreme heat

Felix Revills delivers the food Felix Revills delivers the food
Adel Webb Adel Webb
Elvira White Elvira White

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The heat wave that gripped the eastern seaboard earlier this week is now invading South Georgia.

We reached triple digits today, and that's dangerously hot, especially for the elderly. That's why we need to regularly check on people who live alone and don't have air conditioning.

Monday through Friday, volunteers deliver 160 meals to shut-ins and elderly across Dougherty County through Meals on Wheels.
For many, it's the only visit they'll get that day, and perhaps the only meal. And many of the people who get that delivery live in homes without central air, or any air conditioning at all.

For about a year now, Felix Revills has been volunteering with Meals on wheels. He delivers food to the elderly on the Southside of Albany.

"It really goes to your heart and that's something the bible tells us that we are responsible for taking care of the widows and the elderly."

Folks like Adel Webb, who looks forward to his visit. "It's real nice.  I sure enjoy it.  Thank y'all so much," she said.

Occasionally, he'll do small tasks for Ms. Webb.  Today, that included turning on the A/C. "I enjoy that air condition now.  You close that door and turn it on and it works good."

But this small box is the only cooling unit in her home, so all day, she stays close by. "Most of the time I sit up here to the front." Cooling down with the aid of the A/C and a fan.

As Revills continues his deliveries, he stops by a house that just recently had this window unit installed.  "This heat it's just horrible for them.  Some of them are incapacitated where they can't get up to get around and they need the A/C, especially when the temperature is when it is like it is."

Elvira White, is one of the elderly that can't get around on her own, and Revills takes her meals to her window.

"I just sit here on the side of the bed and try to stay cool." she said.

She remembers just how difficult that was to do without the window unit. "Pretty hot.  You know these kind of houses is really hot anyhow."

Which can be pretty dangerous, making these visits ever more important as the temperatures continue to rise.

Each summer, SOWEGA Council on Aging gets lots of requests for fans and window air conditioning units for the elderly. Usually, someone donates them to the agency to give away.  That hasn't happened this year, SOWEGA officials think the economy is to blame.

Meals on wheels counts on people like Felix Revills to deliver meals each day. he is a member of Albany Kiwanis, but he's also a pastor.

  • Heat Facts-
    • 45 people died last year from extreme heat
    • 19 of those deaths (42%) happened in homes with little or no AC 
    • 17 deaths (38%) happened outside


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