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24-hours of continuous prayer in Albany

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Over the past 24-hours, hundreds of people have gathered at an Albany church with a common purpose. They want to unite the city through prayer and end the cycle of violence that has paralyzed so many with fear.

Bishop Frederick Williams tells me some of the elderly members of his church are afraid to even sit out on their porches, for fear of becoming victims of crime.  He says that isn't a way any of us should live and its time to stop the violence.

Crying out in thanks to God for what they have, and for the vision that has been borne out of violence.  Bishop Williams said, "Father we thank you for the vision right now Father to unite this city."

United in one common purpose: to end the cycle of violence. Williams said, "We just plan to put a stop to it."

Bishop Frederick Williams has lived in Albany his entire life. He's seen his share of violence, but experienced it first hand when his own sister was murdered. Williams said, "The anger that I had toward this young man that took my sister's life had to be channeled through my belief of being a Christian."

He reached out to others who wanted to turn their anger into something more beneficial for the community.  "Our hope is to provide some prevention,"  first of all by bringing this city together."

Bringing it together, by turning it around.  Christopher White said, "The bible says if we seek God and we turn our face to him that he'll heal our land, so that's the only way that our land can be healed is that we turn our faces back to him."  And away from crime, stopping the violence in Albany.

The 24-hour prayer wall started last night at 6 o'clock. It ends in just less than an hour, followed by a victory celebration.

The prayer wall is leading up to a night of Worship at Gethsemane. It's open to anyone in Albany. Clint Brown will lead that service Friday night at seven o'clock.

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