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Something to prove

May 13, 2003

David Marley's love for running started at a young age. "My mom made me run when I was like seven, so I guess seven years old (is when I started liking it)." But unfortunately his passion for the sport isn't the only thing that David's mother passed along to him. "I was jumping on my trampoline and I hurt my back so I went to my mom and my mom had it, that's how I got it," Marley said. 

'It' is scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, and although it didn't stop him from getting in a daily run, Marley was confined to a back brace for five years. "Oh I hated it at first, of course I still hated it after a while, but you get used to it." Two years ago he opted to have surgery to correct the scoliosis, and now has an eight inch metal rod in his back. "I actually kind of had to learn how to walk again at first and it was very difficult to run," Marley added. 

After six months of taking it easy, David was again able to run and this week will compete for the state title in the mile and 800 meter runs. "He's a good kid and he's got a real strong desire to want to succeed and when it comes down to the end and it takes that desire to win that boy's got it," Westover coach Harley Calhoun said.

 And now Marley says it's his turn to pass something along. "I know lots of people that had it (scoliosis), that still have it, so I guess I can be proving to them that it can be done that you can get over it and get back to doing whatever you used to be doing."

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