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Kids get out of the classroom to learn hands-on

May 13, 2003

Baconton - It's strawberry time! Elementary students took to the field to learn about fruits, vegetables and even bees.

Most kids don't usually eat food off the ground. Fourth grader, Caleb Sides, picks a strawberry and says, "They are ripe some are big some are small and they're good."

Sides has never picked strawberries before, he usually goes to the grocery store. He says, "The bees scared me because I thought I was gonna get stung, but they didn't. They are actually doing their job." Tour guide, Staci Vann, tells the kids, "They [bees] are real important to the farmer, so we need to make sure we protect the bee."

Lake Park Elementary students got out of their Albany classroom and stopped at Vann Strawberry Farm in Baconton. Fourth grader, Raven McMillan explains, "You get more fresh air and basically can't pick strawberries in the classroom."

Kids used all their senses by touching plants and some even let a fuzzy caterpillar crawl on their hands. Others used their taste buds by taking a bite out of freshly picked strawberries.

Education in the field was a success, the next time these kids go to the grocery store, chances are they'll think of their time outside of the classroom.

The kids got to take home a pint of strawberries, most of them said they'll have to hide them from their strawberry hungry parents.

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