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Jury hears testimony in schoolteacher's murder trial

^Former Albany Policeman Stanley Thomas ^Former Albany Policeman Stanley Thomas

May 13, 2003

Macon-- Bill Scheer is on trial in Macon for the murder of his elderly father. Nine witnesses took the stand in Macon Tuesday to testify in the murder trial of Bill Scheer, the Albany schoolteacher accused of killing his father.

As pictures of his murdered father were shown to jurors, Bill Scheer looked straight ahead, and dabbed tears from his eyes.

A pathologist described what killed the elder Scheer. "Blunt force trauma to the head, which resulted in a dislocation of the first and second cervical vertebrae, essentially severing the brain stem from the spinal column," said Dr. Charles Hawkins.

The housekeeper described finding the body when she arrived at the house September 13th, 1990. "He was in the chair with his mouth open and his head was kind of tilted back," said Marie Wilson.

Thinking Mr. Scheer had suffered a stroke or heart attack, the housekeeper called Debra Scheer at work. Mrs. Scheer called an ambulance. "I checked his pulse, and at that point I noticed that there was an injury to the side of his face. Then we pretty much backed out of the room," said Paramedic Greg Rowe.

Former Albany Policeman Stanley Thomas testified about finding William Scheer’s body: "I found the victim sitting in a chair with a large injury to the side of his head, and there was a gold club laying in front of the victim. The paramedic said to me 'There are no signs of life,' indicating to me that the victim was deceased. At that point I determined there was foul play involved."

The lengthiest testimony came by way of videotape from former APD Detective John Townsend, who had undergone surgery in West Virginia, and could not travel. Townsend immediately suspected Bill Scheer. "There was no emotion, no remorse, no-- no-- nothing there..."

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