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Lee County "jailbirds" raise money for heart disease

May 13, 2003

Lee County-- Some Lee County jailbirds had to go before the judge today. But this wasn't the typical court--it was Lee County's Cardiac Arrest Fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

Bobby Harrell, who played the role of judge, is a heart attack survivor himself. Today's event raises money for a serious disease--but he says he likes to keep it light-hearted, "They are my friends I like to cut up with them. Make a lot of humor out of it, its good."

Jailbird Bill Copeland says, "It's a lot of fun, when I saw who the judge was I just knew I had to participate, I like to razz him a little bit."

Judge Bobby Harrell razzed jailbird Bill Copeland a little bit, too. But, Bill raised his bail, and the judge let him go. More than 16,000 dollars was raised for cardiovascular and stroke research.

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