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Dating website for Dogs

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –You've likely heard of all the on-line dating sites. But now there's a website for your pets. It's called Date My Pet And it's designed to help you and your pet find a mate. 

Now, Owners sign up for a membership and place an ad for what they're looking for. Now there's three choices on the site.

A date for the pet, date for yourself or a double date for you and your animal. Facebook for dogs?

"Who came up with the idea it sounds interesting."said Dog Owner Katrina Jackson."If your gonna breed full blooded dogs together then yeah, but If you're gonna do it to repopulate don't do it," said Dog Owner Dixie Owens.

Date My Pet is a website where pet owners make profiles for there dogs."We've been trying to find him a little girlfriend, but so far nothing," said Jackson.  

Some would say this is a perfect site for dogs to make friends. "If their socially challenged then there's always that risk they could become violent," said Owens.

But it's up to the owners to decide what's best for their dogs. "But this pet dating site, hey we might go log on to the site and make him a Face Book page," said Jackson. offers an easy way for dogs to make friends. "It gives you a chance to meet other dogs and give your dogs interaction with other dogs," said Jackson.

 Also there's a section where you and your dog can double date."Hey, we can do that to find him a date and find me a date to," said Jackson.

 This goes to show we all need somebody, even man's best friend. Date My Pet is not only for dogs.

They find friends for all sorts of animals like birds, fish and even horses. ©2010 WALB News. All rights reserved.   

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