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ATM thieves keep coming up empty-handed


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

DECATUR, GA (WALB) - There's apparently another gang of A-T-M thieves on the loose in south Georgia.

In less than five days, crooks tried to break into three convenience stores in Decatur County by destroying power meters.

But each time they got away empty-handed.

Store clerks at the Kangaroo Express in Bainbridge spent much of their day cleaning up the mess crooks left after trying to steal an ATM.

"It's just one of those jobs that you have a lot of stuff to deal with. That's part of being a convenience store worker, you have robberies, people acting crazy and stuff all the time," says the store manager of the Quick Buys on Faceville Highway.

This store manager wanted to remain anonymous, but did tell us she's nervous about the increasing number of robberies in Decatur County.

"A couple months ago our store got robbed and two of our girls had guns pointed at them and told to get on the ground. We don't have enough protection when we're working in convenience stores."

Friday morning, the Kangaroo Express became the third store in less than five days to get hit by would be burglars. Rodriguez Carlos just moved from Miami and didn't expect Decatur County to be the site of so much crime.

"It's a little town. In Miami, they just take the whole thing. They just got scared maybe. But if they really wanted to take it, they could."

Authorities believe the criminals tried to rip this ATM from the store by pulling it with a chain wrapped around the machine.

Authorities in Decatur County also believe the same suspects are responsible for several attempted robberies in Grady County and even a successful one in Havana, Florida.

"They got between eight and ten thousand dollars out of the ATM," explains Investigator Redell Walton with the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. "I think they're going to keep going until they get caught."

But with no leads, the suspects are still on the run.

"So I was on edge a little bit this morning like whoa," says the store manager. "Please don't come here."

And she says she'll continue to stay scared until someone is behind bars.

Decatur County deputies are looking at surveillance tapes and working with investigators in Florida and Grady County.

You may remember last fall, there was a string of ATM thefts at convenience stores in extreme south Georgia and north Florida.

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