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Tornado struck church going back up

May 12, 2003

Camilla-- For the second time in three years, people in Camilla are trying to build their lives back to normal. It's been more than a month since a powerful tornado devastated the community, displacing residents, workers and church members.

It's a different kind of twister, the drill is a mechanical twister that's building back the community. BMR Construction worker, Sammy Wills, says, "We are trying to get it back as close as we can by pictures."

BMR Construction was given pictures of the First Assembly of God in Camilla. They are turning the tornado torn church into a replica of the old church. Wills explains, "It's a little different without drawings, now playing it by ear as you say."

The church is stronger than before, better craftsmanship and more space. Wills says, "A little bit more head room. Not quite enough room for piano and band, so we added a little bit there."

At least 70 church members are waiting to fill the extra space. Wills says church members should be back inside within two months.

The church project costs approximately $160,000. Church pews are being made in Alabama. The First Assembly of God was originally built in 1996.

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