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Sally Burney celebrates her 105th Birthday

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By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Sally G. Burney turned 105 years old Thursday. 

Mrs. Burney  is not your average 105 yr old. She can feed herself and likes to stay active. Even her recent diagnosis of skin cancer hasn't seem to slow her down.

She really is an inspiration. "You look at her and go wow is she that old. And you can't believe it from the stuff she does,"said Caregiver Arma Jean Archer.

Burney still tries to stay independent.  "She stills walks by herself baths herself of course we give her assistance because of age," said Archer.

And even though she needs help, her life is still impacting the people around her. "She has helped me to fulfill what God wanted to bring out in me," said Archer.

Mrs. Burney was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. "It doesn't seem to bother her, no medication is given down here, and she doesn't complain about a headache," said Nurse Emma Washington.

 "She's always shook it off, stumped it down and moved on up a little higher," said Archer. Her caregiver has learned something from Sallie that's very inspiring.

"Through her age and longevity that God is with her and if he's with her he's got to be here with me," said Archer.

Those are words of comfort that speaks to Mrs. Sally's strength, heart and drive. It seems as if everybody loves Mrs. Sally Burney.

It's really been a group effort to provide care for her. Everybody from her caregiver, doctor and team at Slater King Senior Day Center has really been the family she needed.

 Now Mrs. Sallie is tied for oldest living citizen with another Albanian lady who is also 105 years old.  

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