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Rains won't flood river basin

May 12, 2003

Albany-- The heavy rains that fell in North Georgia last week are now flowing down the Flint River, but flooding is not expected.

The Flint River level crested at Montezuma this morning at 18.38 feet. Flood stage on the Flint is 20 feet. The river is expected to crest in Albany Thursday, at 16 feet. Saturday the National Weather Service expected a crest of 20 feet, but have since lowered that forecast.

Georgia Power has lowered Lake Blackshear a small amount to control the water coming down river, and expects no problems. "Their model gets more accurate as time goes on. They see exactly what flow is coming down from the upper river gauges," said Bill Mashburn of Georgia Power.

Georgia Power and United States Geological Services spokesmen say the Creeks in South Georgia should not rise at all this week.

 The Flint River will hold the extra rainwater.

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