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Girl drives into apartment

May 12, 2003

Albany --An Albany teen's curiosity about driving ends up wrecking a neighbor's home. The 13-year-old girl crashed her Mother's car through the front wall of a unit at the Sunchase Apartments Saturday.

The girl's Mother said she gave her car keys to her daughter to get something out of the car. Her daughter started the car, slipped it into gear, and drove it into a neighbor's apartment. The car knocked down the front door, most of the front wall, and an inside wall to a bedroom. The manager estimates it's about 8 thousand dollars damage.

Luckily no one was at home during the crash. The girl was not injured. She told her Mother she was curious about driving.

 The police did not charge the 13-year-old , but her Mother said the teen-ager learned a lesson the hard way.

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