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Two burglars caught stealing TV's

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Burglaries and home break-ins continue to be a major crime problem in Albany.

In June an average of more than 5 burglaries were reported to Albany Police everyday.

An observant 13-year old girl helped catch two thieves breaking into her neighbor's house.

Police say that's the kind of help they need.

There were 151 burglaries reported to Albany Police in June. Today's burglary on Habersham Road in South Albany had a happy ending for the victim, thanks to her neighbor who spotted two teens carrying two big screen Televisions out the front door.

Marlina Hamilton was mad as she watched Police Officers investigating the burglary of her home.

Hamilton said "Just put them in jail. That's what I say, just put them all in jail."

Hamilton's home on Habersham Road was broken into just before 11 by two teenagers. 13 year old Fantaza Stroud saw it all from her home.

Stroud said "I saw two guys grabbed the TV out of their house and they run off." What did you do? "I went back in and called my Momma."

The Police were called and Officers caught them trying to run with two big screen TV's, one of them a 50 incher.

Stroud said "I saw them start chasing them because they started running, and they chased them around the house and into the alley."

The two TV's were recovered behind this house, and three teens were taken in for questioning. 17 year old Tracy Townsell of Lee County and a 15 year old boy were charged with burglary. Police say the third teen was not involved.

Hamilton said she knows burglaries like this happen everyday, and it's unusual the thieves are caught that quickly and the stolen items recovered. She thanks her neighbor.

 Hamilton said "This neighborhood is not like that. It's not like that. We got real good neighbors. Everybody pretty much get along."

Police say this is the kind of help they need to stop the burglaries.

Albany Police Media manager Phyllis Banks said "when they see suspicious activity, call the Police. Because as you see, when you call the Police they get over here and they can go ahead and do their job."

People in this South Georgia neighborhood say they know burglaries are a big problem, and they are glad these teens were caught.

Stroud said "Cause I don't want anybody breaking into my house. It's scary, it's scary."

Hamilton plans to buy an alarm system tonight, to make her home even more burglar proof.

Police say another way you can protect your property from thieves, put ID mark on your TV's and electronic gear that thieves target. That way if they are stolen and recovered, Police can help you get them back.

Albany Police say their west district was the most burglarized in June with 65 of the 151 June burglaries happening there.

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