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Dying without having a will hurts your family even more

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – In life we make plans all the time. We plan for weddings, birthdays and even College.

But planning and having a will after you die could be the most important. Having a will is not planning for the end. It's more like planning for the future for your loved ones.

And while most of us may have a plan in mind, lawyers say a lot of people don't actually put it in writing. And that's important.

Living and Dying are the normal cycle of life. However some people find death a lot harder to deal with.

"Studies show death is the most traumatic experience you'll ever face in life," said Funeral Director David Stern. But having a will can help your family in the grieving process.

"Any amount of information, that can be gathered prior to that event the better off emotionally the survivors will be," said Stern.

Anyone who has experienced a death in the family knows the pain it brings. And that pain can be even worse if the person does not have a will.

"It could be a really simple will where if I die all my property goes to a spouse," said Attorney Lauren Brock. And there are some basic things that every will must have.

"Like property cars, jewelry, furniture, and who's the executor of the will." However each will is tailored anyway you want it.

"It depends on how involved your estate maybe and you might need specialized tax planning or to set up a martial trust," said Brock.

The average funeral cost is $6,000 to $7,000. That cost can also be specified in a will.

"Wills are relatively inexpensive and it's a very important investment. I think everybody should make sure that stuff is setup before they pass on," said  Brock.

Don't think of it as passing on. Think of it as setting up things the way you want them. And anyone with small children should designate guardians in their will.

In the unfortunate event that you happen to die without a will, or 'intestate,' as the state views it, the state has guidelines in place that will divide your items between your family.

 Make sure your will matches the beneficiaries on your insurance policy. You can not have one person in the will and a different person on the policy.

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