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Grand Island goes global

May 11, 2003

The newest wave in golf technology is making a splash at Grand Island Golf and Country Club. "The global positioning satellite system was provided to the Lee County Board of Commissioners by a company called Uplink Corporation. What it does is give the golfer the exact yardage anywhere on the hole being played," General Manager Matt Jones said. 

Jones says the GPS system is useful in other ways too. "What it gives us as managers is the ability to control and better rotate our cart fleet. Also, the exciting thing (is that) in case of an emergency, we have the direct access link to a golf cart to notify a customer on the golf course in case of an emergency," Jones said.

Garrick Paschal has already put the system to good use, and he says it's a helpful tool in what can be a frustrating game.  "Yeah, I find it useful from short distances, like from 150 (yards) out. Being a short distance, it gives a precise distance to the hole."

But getting yardage and receiving messages are just a few of the features the G.P.S. system offers, it also allows you to place a food order as you approach the clubhouse, helping accelerate the pace of play. "That saves a lot of time, you don't have to run you already have your meal in and you can go to the next hole," Paschal added.

But remember even if the GPS system is taking away part of the guesswork in golf, you still have to be able to read and putt the greens."Yeah I wish they had something for that, but like I said from a short distance it's a great thing.  But yeah, there should be something for the putting too," Paschal said.

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