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Marine band honors the American Patriot

May 10, 2003

Albany- The audience listens intensely as the Albany Marine Band plays patriotic melodies. A band they say is one of the best.

"I love them there's nothing better," claims Eugene Coutu.

"It's beautiful; you can't beat it. They're better than any other band I've heard," adds James Johns.

The band plays familiar patriotic songs, tunes the some say make them proud to be part of the country, even during war.

"I'm very proud of America and the patriotism they've shown this year especially," says Gail Bales.

Not only did people come out to here patriotic music but they also came out to help their neighbors by donating food items to tornado victims.

"We especially wanted to bring something to remember the people of Camilla and Mitchell County. We've been concerned, they've been hit twice so seriously and we just thought it was a great way to remember them and at the same time have a great evening," says Karen Kemp.

So, South Georgians were able to show their love for the neighbors, their country and for the music that brings them all together.

Though he could not attend the concert, Mayor Tommy Coleman signed a proclamation naming May 10th as Albany Marine Band Day.

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