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Gun owners unrelieved Supreme Court ruling

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Second Amendment not only applies to the federal government, but also to state and local governments, forbidding them from infringing on Americans' rights to own and carry firearms.  Despite the ruling, South Georgia gun owners are still wary that government leaders might try to take away their rights.

Phillip Colson is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, and sells guns and teaches firearm lessons. Many observers see the Supreme Court ruling as a victory for gun owners, but Colson worries it could be part of an effort to limit gun ownership.

Solo Archery manager Phillip Colson said "It sets a precedent saying that the federal government can govern firearm laws throughout the country. If the court changes the venue, the court changes, or the personnel on the court in the future."

In the case involving Chicago's restrictive guns laws, the Supreme Court did not strike down the law, and said that less severe restrictions could survive legal challenges.

South Georgia gun dealers say their sales skyrocketed last year when President Barack Obama took office, anticipating more restrictive gun laws, though the Obama Administration has made no effort do that. They expect those strong sales to continue.

Backwoods Outdoors Federal firearm licensing manager Michael Tranthem said " I think they do, because the debate's not over. It's definitely not over. "

In a 5 to 4 vote, the justices signaled that less severe restrictions could survive legal challenges. Colson said his customers still believe they have to keep vigilant to guarantee their right to bear arms.

Colson said "Because they are apprehensive about what the federal government is going to do, or what the economy is going to do."

South Georgia gun dealers said they expect new laws governing and identifying bullets to part of future efforts by groups opposed to firearm ownership.

In his writing on the Supreme Court ruling, Judge Samuel Alito noted that the decision does not fully eliminate the "ability to devise solutions to social problems that suit local needs and values."

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